WJMC Day 1

Day 1 of journalism camp….went much better than expected! As I walked in with my parents I was honestly frightened at first. Big campus, hundreds of new people, lots of new things to discover. I am not one to shy away from a challenge though. I went to my room and made my self at home. You know with the usual, putting clothes into drawers and adding my cute blanket onto the bed, and stuffing all my snacks and goodies into a drawer. After all that was over it was like home so to speak. Then came the next challenge….signing in and actually meeting people. I am a very social person though so it only took a few minutes to meet a new friend! I met so many people and experienced so much just on this very first day!!! There was a speaker today who told the most amazing stories of his family and heritage and showed very moving videos. He explained that the future will not come to you on a silver platter but you will have to take initiative to work your way to the top. We met with our groups after and got to know each other even more and over all it was a pretty great first day. I can’t wait for tomorrow and to see what everyday brings, but for now I have to sleep because breakfast is at 7:00am (a little to early for me) so I need some sleep!